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Have you ever looked at your favorite website and kept wondering how the same things were featured on this site as well as how some of the buttons worked and wished that you too could make something like the same, then you need to learn front-end development!

Everything you witness on a website is built with frontend development, also referred to as frontend web development. The people behind the front-end development are known as front-end developers.

The top front end development skills beginners should learn in 2022

  1. Adobe Photoshop – This software is extensively used for the purpose of raster image editing, digital art and graphic design. This makes the use of layering to allow for depth & flexibility in the editing procedure and design. Overall, Adobe Photoshop offers very powerful editing tools and is one of the major modules of a front web development.
  2. HTML5 & CSS3 – Theses are the most in-demand language for any web designer who wants to be the best in this profession. This skill is widely used by the front end developers in the present time and thus a mandatory module of a full-stack course in classgenie. These are improved language that helps the designers provide sophisticated projects in several ways. They are very technologically evolved and thus very useful for web designing language.
  3. Bootstrap – This framework is used to quickly design and customize responsive sites that are usually mobile-first. This is the world’s most popular frontend open-source toolkit that features the Sass variables & mixins, expensive prebuilt components, a responsive grid system & powerful JavaScript plugins. So, this is one of the mandatory modules in a front end development course.
  4. JavaScript – JavaScript is a programming or scripting language that particularly allows you to implement complex features on web pages – every time a web page has more than just static information. JavaScript is used majorly for displaying timely content updates in a website, interactive maps and animated 3D/2D graphics. This is also used for scrolling video jukeboxes.
  5. JQuery – jQuery is a small, fast and feature-rich JavaScript library. This makes things like HTML document manipulation and traversal, animation, event handling and Ajax simpler with a user-friendly API that works perfectly across a multitude of browsers.
  6. React JS – React is one of the very popular frontend JavaScript library in the wide field of web development. This is being used by established and large companies and newly-minted startups like Airbnb, Netflix, the New York Times and Instagram. React brings several advantages to the table that makes it a better choice than the other frameworks like Angular JS.